Joule offers consistent heat output down to 10°F/-12°C thanks to a proprietary regulator technology. Joule's 10,000 BTU burner provides the raw power for rapid boil times of 2 minutes 40 seconds [per 1 liter], yet still offers excellent simmer control for cooking.  Combined with a 2.5L insulated FluxRing vessel, Joule offers fuel efficiency, portability, and easy setup.

    • High 10,000 BTU output
    • Inverted canister design with Liquid Feed Regulator
    • Jetboil Regulator technology - consistent heat down to 10°F/-12°C
    • Convenient and reliable push-button igniter
    • 2.5 Liter FluxRing insulated cooking vessel
    • Stable locking handle that folds for storage
    • See through lid with built in strainer
    • Compatible with both 100g and 230g Jetpower Fuel Canisters
    • Weight: 10.5oz/300g 3-5P - 2.5L
    • Group Size: 3-5 persons
    • Dimensions: 6.5”x8”/165x203mm
    • Applications: Heating & Boiling Water, Melting Snow, Cooking
    • Boil Time: 32oz/1L in 2 minutes, 40sec. Will boil 24L per 230g cannister
    • Thermo regulator included

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MSRP : $274.99

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