Dualis Series

Dualis ST pads utilize TPU laminated soft-touch anti-slip fabric on the air tube chamber and durable anti-slip 150D polyester oxford ripstop with TPU lamination as the ground contact fabric of the self-inflating chamber. These fabrics offer durability, slip-resistance, and excellent next-to-skin comfort. Polyurethane open cell foam is utilized inside the self-inflating pad chamber, and each chamber has it own brass valve with polymer overmolding for independent inflation and firmness customization

  • Dualis ST Regular with 1.2" / 3 cm of foam is designed for those participating in self-propelled activities where comfort and a good night’s sleep is valued. With an overall thickness of 4" and an R-Value of 3.7, it makes an effective all season pad.
  • The Dualis ST Large is the ultimate pad for expeditions, family camping, and basecamps. The plush 4.8" thickness of the Dualis ST Large, with 2" / 5 cm of foam and an R-value of 5.2, makes this pad more comfortable than many beds, especially if you sleep on your side or stomach! For a pad of this comfort, it packs a small 6" x 27".
  • The bottom chamber is comprised of open cell PU foam, like a self-inflating pad. The top chamber is a separate interconnected air tube pad.
  • Dualis ST Regular: R-Value: 3.7, 2 lb. 14 oz., Size: 72" x 20", Thickness: 1.2/2.8”
  • Dualis ST Large: R-Value: 5.2, 4 lb. 14 oz., Size: 78" x 25", Thickness: 2.0/2.8”

MSRP : 115R 145W

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