• 75D polyester is used for durability.
  • Open cell inner foam expands rapidly to original size for self-inflation.
  • Large intake valve allows for better airflow for inflation/ deflation.
  • The foam is heat bonded to the shell fabric for longterm durability.
  • Seams are electro frequency welded (EFW).
  • We use 'million holes' die cut to remove foam but not loft resulting in a lighter and more compact pack size.
  • The stuff sack is included.
  • Repair kit includes a patch, adhesive glue, replacement valve cap and O ring.
  • Camper - dimensions: 64x193x5cm (25x76x2"); weight: 1740g / 3.85lb
  • Packlight - dimensions: 51x183x3.5cm(20x72x31.5"); weight: 1150g / 2.6lb

MSRP : $64/89.99.

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