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    The new convenient nesting stove and cookware provide a compact cooking system 

  • NorthernBreezeA.jpg

    "Without doubt, ease of setup and the quality of this tent has surprised us and we would recommend the investment" S.Lehoux

  • VCS.jpg

    The 16' VCS backpacker provides a 6 foot peak height and 8'6"x8'6" floor coverage.

  • Midori4-6.jpg

    V3 Enhanced Tent System: Venting, Volume, Versatility

  • SynthesisBags.jpg

    Eureka’s new Insulcore HQ synthetic insulation provides dependable warmth

  • jetboil_adaptor.jpg

    LUNA satelite burner can be added to Spires for fast boiling

  • TaronCanyon.jpg

    A roomy tent loaded with practical features 

Camp Kitchen

The New Spire Stove LX Stove can be daisy chained from one to another for the ultimate camp kitchen

El Capitan Floats

I woke up after a fitful sleep to find the floor of my tent floating all around me, but to my great surprise and delight, everything was bone dry.

Jetboil Accessories

The new accessories have compatibility and flexibility, for use with whichever Jetboil system you happen to have.

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